TN24 Gas Stove


Clean lines and minimal profile, the TN24 offers a full window of flame and efficient gas heat for medium sized spaces. Built to ensure maximum safety, the TN24 features a nearly invisible integrated micro-mesh safety screen, keeping little hands and family pets out of harm.

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Technical Data

  • BTU Input NG 24,000 BTU high | 13,500 BTU low
  • BTU Input LP 24,000 BTU high | 12,000 BTU low
  • P.4.1-15 Efficiency NG 74.4%
  • P.4.1-15 Efficiency LP 74.4%
  • AFUE NG 75.9%
  • AFUE LP 75.9%
  • Glass Size 340

Standard Features

  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Direct vent technology
  • SIT Pro Flame 2 valve
  • Integrated micro-mesh safety screen
  • Rich, full flames
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger with aluminum fins
  • Standard remote control
  • Leveling legs
  • Rear vent capable
  • Minimal vertical venting
  • Mobile home approved
  • Floor illumination
  • Preassembled interior with black porcelain panels and mature fire logset
  • Ships Natural Gas, Propane Conversion Kit available
  • 2 x 80 cfm blowers


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