A Primitive Tradition Kept Alive By Enthusiasts

Open fire cooking with real wood fire is making a serious comeback in the culinary world. Not only is this the most primitive way of cooking known to man, but the flavor of real wood smoke along with the moisture locked into your food from a high-temperature sear is simply hard to beat.
Most people have roasted hotdogs or cooked some burgers on an open fire. The results of such should not be underestimated, however, this topic takes in so much more! Picture a haunch of venison hanging over a fire, clam chowder simmering in a cast iron pot, a fresh trout fillet baking on a stainless steel surface beside your fire. Do people actually do that?
The answer is yes, open fire cooking is not limited to a few select dishes…if you get creative, you can cook virtually anything you can imagine over a wood fire.
Jonathan Miller from Breeo firepits is a serious open fire cooking enthusiast. Having experimented with open fire for years, he has done steaks,
seafood, breakfasts, vegetables, dessert, and much more, all over an open fire. His mindset is, “If you can eat it, you can cook it over a fire”. Using the “smoke-less firepit” concept, Jonathon has helped evolve the Breeo brand of firepits into a versatile open fire cooking machine. The latest Breeo model, called the X-Series, has a stainless steel cooking surface all the way around the perimeter, a swing-away grill, and a pot hanger, that can be utilized as a meat hook for hanging a roast over your fire. Also, watch for updates on our 2020 Chuckwagon Cookoff, featuring the Breeo firepits, at the Mt. Hope Event Center & Auction Grounds.
You might be wondering, does this eliminate the need for a Big Green Egg, or a smoker? From our experience, we would say no, you will find ample occasions to utilize one or both of these methods, and one nicely complements the other. You might choose the Egg or a pellet smoker when you want to set it and forget it, or if you are looking to render a low and slow cook. Or you might want to do a reverse sear, smoking on the Egg first, then locking in the flavor with an open fire sear.
There is no question, a gourmet meal cooked over an open fire cannot be matched for sheer nostalgia. We urge you to experiment with open fire, master this art, and your guests will be left agape every time!