A wood-burning insert is a simple and effective way to turn your inefficient fireplace into a hi-efficiency heat source. Our inserts by Pacific Energy and True North Stoves are are simply stoves that are designed to fit into your fireplace, with plenty of aesthetic options to choose from. If installed correctly, an insert will put just as much heat into your home as any free standing stove will, while holding a fire for anywhere from 8-12 hours with one load of wood, depending on the size of insert.


It is mandatory for a wood burning insert to have a stainless steel liner connected directly to the takeoff and installed through the chimney flue all the way to the top. With the efficiency of our units, you will have only a small fraction of the heat going up your chimney compared with the heat that your fireplace currently emit, and a hi-efficiency unit will not heat a fireplace flue up to the temps it needs to stabilize a good draft, without a liner. This liner is wrapped with insulation and sized according to the take-off on your insert (usually 6″), and gets sealed off at the top with a stainless top plate and cap. Call us today…we can handle your complete project.


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