Connecting a stove to your chimney? We stock black and 316L Stainless Steel Snap-Lock stovepipe, as well as Ventis welded seam upgrade black stovepipe, and Duravent DVL double-wall stovepipe.

Class A Chimney

If you need to start from scratch to vent a stove or furnace, you are looking at the right place. We stock and install Selkirk’s Superpro double-wall, insulated chimney. Superpro has 304 stainless steel inner and outer walls, and a lifetime warranty. Our in-store experts can give you valuable guidance on installation, or you can simply recruit our installation crew to do it for you, and rest easy, knowing it is done safely.

Chimney Liners

Are you concerned about the safety of your existing brick chimney? Let us help you fix it with Olympia’s 316L flexible liner wrapped with ceramic insulation, sealed off at the top of the chimney, and connected directly to your appliance. Olympia liners have different gauges of thicknesses, and we can help you figure out which is the right one for your appliance. There is no safer way to do it than this.

Gas Vent

There are two venting scenarios, that you might run into when installing a gas stove or fireplace. The most common is direct-vent, which pulls in combustion air and vents exhaust fumes through the same system. We carry and install Duravent brand direct-vent pipe. The other scenario is called Class B venting, which is a light-weight , double wall venting. This is an alternative to a conventional chimney for gas stoves that require a vent system to protrude past the roof line of your building. We can help you in this category as well, with Selkirk’s Class B venting.

Caps and Chase Covers

Need a simple single flue cap to keep the critters and the weather out? Most likely we have it in stock! Or would you rather cover your entire chimney top with a custom cap or cover? We can get that made as well, plus we can install it for you if you wish. Stainless Steel, copper, custom powdercoat colors…with Olympia’s custom department we can get it the way you want it.