With fall approaching, it is important to check your stove or fireplace and chimney for any safety concerns. Below is a checklist of things that should be checked and addressed before the heating season.

• Confirm that the chimney and stovepipe are clean and free of creosote
• If you have a masonry chimney, inspect the flue for cracking
• Check your stovepipe to ensure it is in good condition
• Install a rain cap on the chimney if none is already installed.
• Check the firebricks & baffles in your stove; replace if needed.
• Check the door seal; adjust door latch & replace the gasket as needed
• Check the door glass for cracks; also the seal around the glass for leaks
• If you are burning wood, confirm that the moisture content is 15% or less
• Confirm that you have working fire extinguishers throughout your home
• Confirm that you have working carbon monoxide & smoke detectors in the vicinity of your appliance, and throughout your home; change batteries if needed
You can find any items needed to complete the above checklist at your local Coalway. Or if you would rather have a professional complete the checklist for you, just give us a call.