Slayton 42S


Standard Features

  • Viewing Area: 15 11/16” x 42 3/8”
  • Split Flow
  • 42,000 BTU/hr Input – NG
  •  42,000 BTU/hr Input – LP
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Remote Control
    • – Thermostatic
    • – Flame
    • – Light
    • – Fan adjustment
  • High-Low Regulator
  • Engineer-Designed burner system
  • Certified to ANSI Z21.88 Vented Gas Heater

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The Slayton 42s is a Superb Linear Gas Fireplace

Designed to look good anywhere, this direct vent gas fireplace doesn’t need a pre-existing fireplace in which to sit. The venting can be passed through a wall or ceiling to the outdoors, providing the air needed to circulate around the fire box without the need for a chimney.

A Linear Gas Fireplace that Offers Exceptional Efficiency

Like the other fireplaces in our range, we have done everything we can to ensure excellent fuel economy and plenty of heat output. The Slayton 42s benefits from 75% natural gas efficiency and 75% LP gas efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution to your heating requirements. 42,000 BTU/hr input for natural gas and 42,000 BTU/hr input for LP gas ensures plenty of heat, alongside low fuel costs. The Slayton 42S now comes with a split flow option to turn down the BTU/hr to 15,000 BTU/hr for LP and natural gas. The sensitive remote control allows this direct vent gas fireplace’s temperature to be minutely controlled.

Plenty of Outstanding Design Features on this Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

A good selection of refractory linings, glass media kits, and screen fronts enable this fireplace to be customized to meet your exact specifications. A wide range of styles ensure it looks equally good in contemporary or traditional dwellings – simply pick the options that fit best with your existing decor to create a stunning accent in your home. Each fireplace is made of hard-wearing, high quality materials and created to a tough build specification, ensuring a durable product which benefits from excellent longevity.

Linear Gas Fireplace that Provides Excellent Performance

Our contemporary Slayton 42S offers affordable elegance that combines innovation and design with function and efficiency. The Slayton 42S linear fireplace offers a sleek modern design that will revolutionize your contemporary design ideas. A variety of fireplace sizes, media choices, split flow option, and accent lighting will make the Slayton 42S a stunning addition to your home.

– ENERGUIDE P.4 NG/LP | 72.21% / 75.53%
– Steady State NG/LP | 72.98% / 75.45%
– AFUE % NG/LP | 68.05% / 70.39%

Efficiencies Glossary:
– P.4 Efficiency (ENERGUIDE) is an efficiency rating more recognized in Canada to measure annual fireplace efficiency.
– Steady State Efficiency is a measure of how efficiently your fireplace converts fuel to heat once it is warmed up and operating at a steady temperature.
– Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measurement of the fireplace’s ability to convert fuel to heat over a longer period of time including the cycling on and off time period.

Design Standard Features
– Curved Enamel refractory lining
– Accent Light Kit

Required Design Features
– Glass Media Kit
– Screen Front

Optional Features
– Fan kit
– Rock Accents media kit
– Driftwood/Rock media kit
– Driftwood kit
– Tile finishing frame


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