Rockface – Bluegrass Fog Non Combustible Mantel


Like a morning mist lingering over a field of bluegrass turf, welcoming the morning sun. Soft, warm-grey tones, peppered with black and cream flecks. Finished with mica flakes to reflect light and add visual interest.

Geologically speaking, Kentucky’s land is shaped by limestone. Limestone releases calcium into our soil and water which helps horses develop stronger bones and bourbon to age gracefully. Horse breeders and bourbon distilleries make Kentucky their home and our Limestone mantel reminds us why this is such a special place.

Our Limestone mantel comes from a local quarry and is finished with a chiseled edge on the face and sides before we make a mold. The top and bottom are smooth with a cross-section of 8” deep by 4.75” high. Available in 5’ or 6’ lengths. With smooth lines and a light color pallet, these mantels fit well into virtually any decorating theme. The rough chiseled edge is speckled with mica to add a tasteful dose of bling that sparkles in the light.

  • Intricate details on all exposed edges

  • Retains the beauty of natural stone without the excess weight

  • Non-combustible BurncreteTM casting formulation

  • Includes mounting bracket and fasteners

  • Individually hand-painted

  • Made in USA

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