Springfield 36


Standard Features

  • Comes in Log Media
  • Viewing Area: 21 5/8” x 29 7/16”
  • 35,000 BTU/hr Input –NG
  • 35,000 BTU/hr Input –LP
  • Electronic Ignition (IPI)
  • Ceramic Glass
  • Fan Kit CFM Blower
  • Remote Control –Full Function
  • High-Low Regulator
  • Engineer-Designed burner system
  • Finish Trim Kit
  • Certified to ANSI Z21.88 Vented Gas Heater

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The Springfield 36 is a Stunning Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

As an ideal contemporary heating solution to be installed inside an existing fireplace, the Springfield 36 benefits from a wide range of design options. This enables customization to meet your exact specifications. Because it’s a direct vent model, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home; with flexible venting connecting it to the outside world, air is allowed to flow around the fire bin when necessary.

A Traditional Gas Fireplace that Offers Excellent Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficiency is always an important consideration when selecting a suitable heating appliance. Not only does better efficiency mean lower bills, saving fuel is also environmentally important. The Springfield 36 has been assessed as being Canada P-4 approved at 73.52%/72.94% AFUE. It also performs at 35,000 BTU/hr input when using natural gas and 35,000 BTU/hr input for LP. Its high efficiency is defined as 79.55% for natural gas and 78.43% for LP gas. Overall, the Springfield 36 makes a cost-effective and economical addition to any home./p>

Range of Exceptional Design Features on Our Gas Fireplace

The model can be tailored to meet a wide range of specifications. One of the real design advantages of this choice is the front screen – available with a standard arched or optional rectangular format, it is generously proportioned for maximum viewing pleasure. Control is achieved through a Komfort Kontrol remote that can be minutely adjusted to give the exact temperature required. Other features of the Springfield 36 include high-low regulator, an engineer-designed burner system, and an electronic ignition.

Customize Your Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with Optional Features

In addition to the existing specification, customers may obtain further benefits by selecting an optional heat duct kit or one of the various refractory linings we have available.

– ENERGUIDE P.4 NG/LP | 77.5% / 76.86%
– Steady State NG/LP | 79.55% / 78.43%
– AFUE % NG/LP | 73.88% / 72.16%

Efficiencies Glossary:
– P.4 Efficiency (ENERGUIDE) is an efficiency rating more recognized in Canada to measure annual fireplace efficiency.
– Steady State Efficiency is a measure of how efficiently your fireplace converts fuel to heat once it is warmed up and operating at a steady temperature.
– Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measurement of the fireplace’s ability to convert fuel to heat over a longer period of time including the cycling on and off time period.

Standard Design Features
– Ember Bed Lighting

Optional Features
– Ledgestone Refractory Lining
– Traditional Brick Refractory lining
– Masonry Refractory lining
– Black Glass Refractory lining
– Rustic Brick Refractory lining
– Interior Heat Transfer Kit
– Exterior Heat Transfer Kit
– Horiztonal Power Vent

Required Design Features
– Screen Front


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