Breeo Heat Deflector


Designed to work with our Outpost Rod, the Outpost Heat Deflector is purposefully designed to maximize hot airflow out from the fire pit to keep you warm. It is the ONLY adjustable heat deflector available today, and is built to outperform and outlast other heat deflectors on the market. Experience our heatwave technology and stay warm by the fire the whole year ‘round.

  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Compatible with X and Y Series fire pits
  • Made by Breeo in the USA

NOTE: REQUIRES Outpost Rod (same Rod that comes with our Outpost Grill). If you do not have an Outpost already, you must select “With Outpost Rod” to use the deflector.

For more product information or to place an order please contact us.

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