Meadow Creek BBQ 64P Chicken Cooker


A smaller version of the BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer with only two pits and a push-around design instead of a trailer. The BBQ64P is a great option if you’ve outgrown the BBQ42 but aren’t ready to invest in a trailer model.

With over 14 square feet of cooking area, this cooker will hold 80lbs (2 cases) of bone in chicken legs—double the capacity of the BBQ42.

Perfect for fundraisers, catering, or a roadside BBQ stand!

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Capacity of Bone-in Chicken 80 lbs.
Capacity of Party Wings 70 lbs.
Capacity of Hamburgers 100
Capacity of Ribeye Steaks 46-54
Capacity of Spare Ribs 10-12


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