John Henry’s Big Daddy’s Smokehouse Hickory Rub Seasoning


Our expert tasters described it as “addictive.” A rub with hickory-smoked bacon flavor, ”wow”. Like candy for the bacon lover.

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Perfect for briskets, chicken, seafood, pork, pork ribs, and any vegetable that grows under the sun…this blend is delicious. Grilled, steamed, stir-fried, or sautéed, you’ll love the bacon-y flavor. John Henry is known nationally and internationally for his culinary expertise. In 1989, John was asked to personally handle the presidential inaugural dinner. East Texas flavor is what he had in mind when he created his award-winning barbeque sauces, spices, and rubs — and now these loved and famous flavors can be yours. Enjoy! Features • 11.5 ounces of delicious and flavorful Big Daddy’s Smokehouse Rub Seasoning • Crafted by internationally known culinary and BBQ Master, John Henry • Adds incredible hickory-smoked bacon flavor to anything — perfect for briskets, chicken, seafood, pork, and any vegetables• Can be used before, during, or after preparation and cooking• Proudly made in the USA


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