Fireside News For You!


Greetings from Coalway! Some time has passed since our last newsletter went out, but we’re happy to be back. The first half of the year kept us on our toes that’s for sure. We appreciate everyone who came out to our Eggfest event in April. This was another great turnout even with the muggy weather. We enjoy putting on these different events for you, and plan to keep doing so in better ways. Looking ahead, there is a few new products, and upcoming news for you to look forward to as we all slowly transition into the late summer/early fall season.

The new fireplace visualizer is still being polished and is nearly ready for launch. We have been adding more fireplace units and customizable options on there for you to use. This program will allow you to create your own fireplace and see what it would look like in your own home setting. We plan to post an update when this will be available for use on the website. Speaking of fireplaces, our hearth installation crews have been staying quite busy this summer. We look forward to new installation jobs in the future and want to thank those who have chosen Coalway to bring the fire into their life!

If you haven’t heard, we also have a new outdoor furniture brand (Buckeye Poly), now available. This is a local company creating poly furniture similar to the other brand we carry. We also are excited to announce a few new BBQ products which can be found on page two. Aside from new products and accessories, the Anniversary Sale is here. With great deals on barbecue, hearth, and outdoor, make sure you don’t miss out. Charm Days will follow in the month of October with the same deals. We thank each and every one of you who make it possible for us to keep things going. God bless, have a great rest of your year.