Featuring New BBQ Products

Introducing our latest additions: the TipTopTemp Big Green Egg accessory, Texas Original Charcoal, and Manchester BBQ Pellets. Elevating your grilling game to new heights of flavor and perfection!




• This new Big Green Egg accessory will automatically control the temperature and airflow of your grill for long and slow cooking. No batteries or electricity needed.



Texas Original Charcoal

• Introducing our new lump charcoal brand, “Texas Original”. This natural oak blend comes in a 20 lb. bag, consisting of large 3-to-5-inch pieces. Perfect for small to large grilling and smoking this summer!



Manchester BBQ Pellets

Manchester Original Pellets are 100%natural hardwood consisting of a blend of hickory, oak, maple, and cherry. For use in all pellet grills and smokers.