Design Your Own Fireplace

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom fireplace and visualize it in a room? Maybe you want to pick your brick facing options out, size it how you like, and add your favorite fireplace. If this sounds like you, we have a solution. Introducing our Fireplace Visualizer software! We have made a new program that allows anyone in the world to design a fireplace to their own preferences. From start to finish, you can create the fireplace you may want to purchase one day. The awesome thing is, you can even take a picture of your living room, upload it, and place the digital fireplace in that room! We will get into everything in this article and breakdown each step to make it easier for you do to.

Navigating to Visualizer and Getting Started

To navigate to the Fireplace Visualizer, you must go to You will then come across the main screen where you will click “Get Started”. Once you click get started, a new screen will appear showing a fireplace against a plain background with options being displayed to the right.

Building Your Shape

The shape of your fireplace design is a key element to the overall appearance. As you will see, there are three shape size options for the unit (height, width, and depth). Play around with different sizing here until you have created the size you prefer. Also on this part of the visualizer, is options to change the shape. You will see “The Cuyahoga, The Coshocton, The Erie, The Ashland, The Medina, and The Tuscarawas”. As you can tell they are all named after cities in Ohio. Choose your preferred fireplace shape by clicking on one of these options.

Configurator Mode vs Scene View

In the top left of your screen you will notice a rectangle displaying “Configurator Mode, and Scene View”. Configurator mode is simply the current black background. When you click scene view, you will have two options for scenes. Click the one you feel would look best and continue on. Now keep in mind you can always upload your own photo of your living room or space by clicking “Upload Photo” in the top middle bar. Just make sure your image is a JPEG.


Your hearth will be the bottom part under the fireplace insert. You can choose to have the hearth straight, wrapped around, or none. This is all personal preference. Again, sizing options are available showing “Height, Padding, and Depth”.

Choose Your Facing Options

We have included a good portion of our available brick and stone facing options. There is also choices of having no facing or even shiplap if that is your cup of tea. Keep in mind these are not every single stone we have available. If there is a certain one you are in search of, contact us to see if it is available and we will make sure its on your fireplace. Note some of the facing options lighting may be slightly off. Again this is just to get a general look and the colors will not be exact as how they are shown on the digital visualizer.

Lastly, if you chose to add a hearth, you will be given the option to edit the stone for the top, sides, hearth, and hearth top of the fireplace. Mix and match facing options of your choice, or simply choose the same option for all of them.

Pick An Insert

Of course this is one of the most important things when designing. The fireplace insert you decide on will dictate the quality and amount of heat being put out, as well as the overall look and feel. We mostly have gas fireplaces on the visualizer as of now, but there are a few wood burning units to choose from too. There are three drop down menus, “Burner Type, Brand, and Models”. The burner type is either gas or wood. The Brands currently we have on here are Kozy Heat and Pacific Energy. The models show what each brand has as far as units go. (We have a greater selection on our website, but have only added a few to the visualizer to start.)

You can also customize the interior look of the fireplace, as well as the front appearance. To see all of our fireplaces click here.

Mantel Options

Mantels are used for placing decorations above the fireplace. With many different wood mantel options, we also have Stoll mantels which are simple white and black. Choose whichever you think looks best to get a general look. Again we don’t have all of our mantel options on here yet, visit us in stores to look at more of a selection.

There is an option to add corbels. these are indentations in the mantel to enhance the appearance of the mantel. This is 100% optional, and not super common to do.

Looking At Your Fireplace

When trying to look at different angles of your customized fireplace, resort to the bottom steps. It mentions how to drag and see different angles, as well as sizing and zooming in and out. Please contact us if you are having any troubles at all.

Save and Print

Now that your fireplace is finished, choose to save or print your job. Saving just means you can log back into the visualizer to look at the fireplaces you have designed. You should know, that you will have to put in your contact information and register an account in order to save. Printing, on the other hand, is a great tool to use when showing Coalway what type of fireplace you are in search of. It will print out with the different options you chose while going through the process of creation.

Thank You

We spent a great amount of time preparing this visualizer for you guys to use. Thank you in advance for using the software, and we hope it helps you on your fireplace journey. Visit us in stores today, and we will be more than happy to guide you through the entire hearth and fireplace process!