Why You Need A Breeo Fire Pit This Fall Season

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For a lot of people, the end of summer means migrating back inside for get-togethers and relaxation. Temperatures drop, the days get shorter, and those long summer nights begin to fade away.

Although there’s no issue with spending a little extra time indoors during the fall season, having a fire pit outside can change that situation. A fire pit like Breeo’s can bring family and friends together for a warm and cozy gathering.

Being able to cook on this fire pit, and also avoid intense smoke due to Breeo’s smokeless integrations, being outside will seem a lot more fun when one of these are burning!

Today, we’ll be talking about why we think you should get a Breeo fire pit this season.

Provides & Promotes Social Gatherings

Photo via Breeo

This alone should be a good enough reason to put a Breeo in your backyard. When the weather begins to cool, you may find staying outdoors is simply too uncomfortable. With a Breeo fire pit, however, you can create a cozy environment on your patio or outdoor living space. Being able to have friends or family over to gather around a warm fire pit and socialize is a great feeling.

Time seems to stop, and everyone enjoys a peaceful moment in front of the fire. Especially with the heat output, never fear not staying warm when the late afternoon turns into evening.


Of course, you can always just use your fire pit for cooking as well. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling out and having barbecues.

Breeo makes cooking even easier with their SearPlate Griddle and Outpost Grill accessories available for the X-Series Fire Pit. The SearPlate is a thick rim on top of the fire pit that allows you to place food on it to cook. The Outpost is simply a post that has a grate on it, allowing for cooking from higher up. You can also choose to lower the outpost very low for higher temperature cooking/searing.

The possibilities are endless with the Breeo. Plus, with the fire pit being being wood-burning of course, all of your food will have that distinct smoky flavor that charcoal grills won’t be able to give you. Just remember, it is important to clean the fire pit on a regular basis to avoid rusting or deterioration over time.

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Not all fire pits are easy to move from place to place, but Breeo is. A lot of their early models may have been a little harder to move, but with some of the newer fire pits, Breeo has made it a priority.

For example the new Breeo Y-Series Fire Pit is very portable. This fire pit is essentially made for camping, tailgates, traveling, etc. It even comes with extendable legs, allowing you to either raise it up, or lower it down.

The Breeo X-Series 19″, is also very easy to travel with. With different options for portability, Breeo simply makes this such a benefit, and people love being able to travel around with their smokeless fire pits!


When thinking about benefits of owning a fire pit, good lighting probably doesn’t come to your mind. It is definitely an underrated advantage of having a fire pit in your outdoor living space.

Although fire pits are known for putting out heat, and cooking, they are also great for illuminating your patio or backyard space. If you’re tired of leaving lights on outside and wasting electricity, this is a good alternative for a little bit of light.

This is also great for kids who enjoy playing outside, as the lighting will help them see around the fire area.

Health Benefits

Did you also know sitting by a fire outside has many benefits to our mental and physical health? That’s right… according to a study by the University of Arizona, sitting by a warm fire is known to reduce blood pressure. The heat from the flames has also been known to help lower stress levels.

Perhaps this is why human beings have been gathering around fires outside for thousands of years. It creates a sense of security, protection, and comfort. Plus… you don’t need much to start it other than some matches/lighter, kindling, and wood!

Focal Point

Having a fire pit at your place will also help to create a nice focal point. Instead of having furniture randomly arranged on the deck or in the yard, it’ll be placed around the fire pit.

This will also encourage guests to sit around the fire once it is burning and enjoy their time there!

Great For Celebrations & Holidays

Whether it’s a birthday, back to school time, or a holiday, a fire pit is an amazing thing to have ready to go. What’s better than hanging outside, having a meal, playing some games, and ending the night by the fire?

Get-togethers like this are where everyone brings a dish to celebrate. Labor Day weekend, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving are just a few holidays people tend to enjoy being outside if they can. Just imagine being able to light up a Breeo fire pit and show it off to your friends and family. Cook a meal on it for everyone, and then stay warm by sitting around it.

All in all, fire pits are ideal for gatherings outside in the fall time and especially have a significance being used for celebrations and holidays!

Photo via Breeo


With Fall approaching, now is just about the best time to get your hands on a Breeo fire pit. With so many uses and benefits, this fire pit will surely make your upcoming season a blast for the whole family.

Breeo has a selection of fire pits to choose from in different colors and sizes at very reasonable prices. Having a fire pit in your outdoor space adds a great dynamic for get-togethers and parties. Everyone will be able to have a great time sitting around the fire, talking, eating, and playing games.

Just imagine those cool, crisp, afternoons and evenings… being able to relax around a warm fire without a care in the world. So kick your early fall season off with a Breeo smokeless fire pit, we promise you won’t regret it!


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