With a number of benefits and features, the Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills separate themselves from other brands in a heartbeat. American-made in Kansas, and built to last a lifetime, these smokers are worth investing into.

What is a Yoder Smoker? 

Yoder Smokers is a high-end pellet smoker, and charcoal grill company out of Kansas. Since 2007, they have been making reliable smokers that have changed the game of BBQ. Most consumers who get Yoders, are competitive pitmasters going against others in professional BBQ competitions. But, even the average joe, can cook on one in their backyard… providing delicious, smoked meals for their family and friends. Yoder is commonly known for their popular smokers; YS480 and YS640s.

Temperature Range and Control: WiFi Connectivity on FireBoard

These smokers use technology from the FireBoard to achieve and maintain consistent temperature control. Although they typically take 15-20 minutes to heat up, once they do they are consistent. It should be pointed out, that even opening and closing the lid to check on the food, it returns back to temperature very quickly. This is because of the heavy gauge steel smokebox and the FireBoard being able to anticipate the supply and control of the pellets.

By downloading the Yoder Smokers FireBoard app on your IOS or Android device, you will actually be able to gauge and control the internal temperature of your smoker from literally anywhere in the world. For more details on what all you can do on the FireBoards read All Things BBQ blog post here. You’ll be able to change the temperature, and even check the meat temperature all from your phone. So if its cold outside say, and you’re in the house preparing side dishes to go with the main dish, you can easily watch your meat cooking all from your phone. You could even be at the grocery store picking up some items you may have forgotten. It is quite convenient!

Design, Build, and Material 

While temperature range and control are very impressive, so is the way Yoder Smokers builds their units. They use stainless steel for the cooking box. This is the heaviest gauge steel available for pellet grills. Due to the quality of steel, most of Yoder’s smokers tend to be on the heavier side.

These smokers also have welded joints all the way throughout. They have stay-cool handles so you don’t have to worry about getting burnt every time you open the lid to the smoker. It’s simply the little things that Yoder Smokers made sure to focus on. Because they did, they have created smokers that are built to last a lifetime.

Another thing to note is that these smokers have warranties to back up and confirm their quality. For example some warranties: main cooking chamber, electronic control system, ceramic igniter. In order for these to be valid, one must register their smoker within 30 days of purchase.

Space for Cooking

Each Yoder Smoker grill obviously consists of different cooking areas. But generally, all of their smokers have large areas for cooking. For example, the YS640S has a 1,070 sq inch cooking surface which is plenty enough for a family cook-out. It also has 20×32 inches on the main cooking grates, and 15 1/2 x28 inches on the optional second shelf.

YS Accessories for Days

With any Yoder Smokers grill, comes the option of choosing additional accessories. Here is a list of some of the most popular accessories and how they can add benefits to your Yoder.

  • Grease Shield – Goes on the bottom of the door opening, to prevent grease from running down the door. Instead, it falls into the grease bucket. This makes for way easier clean-up.
  • GrillGrates – Useful for grilling and smoking. The grates prevent flare-ups and give you the ability to have even heat distribution.
  • Three-Tier Smoking Rack – This provides extra cooking space on different levels. Made from stainless steel, this accessory will help to maximize your vertical cooking area. Each shelf is removable to allow for more spacing.
  • Competition Cart – Having the option to make your Yoder a competition, comes with benefits. Especially if you plan to take this to a competition, or travel with it, the comp. cart is perfect. It has 8 caster wheels that can lock in place to ensure stability in cooking.

For other recommended accessories for the Yoder Smokers, check out our “Best Yoder Smokers Accessories” blog post!


Overall, Yoder Smokers is not your typical backyard grill most people own. This smoker is built strong, to last a lifetime, with many significant features that stand out. Being able to rely on your grill every day, week, year is a good thing to know. The fact that you can also control temperature external and internal all from your mobile device is very handy. There are so many great things we love about these smokers, that is exactly why we brought them to Coalway stores.

Bonus: Did you know we are in fact the only Yoder Smokers dealer in Ohio? That’s right, Coalway in Apple Creek, and Charm, are the only two locations in the state of Ohio where you can go and purchase a Yoder. If you have any questions about these units and their features, please give us a call. Our BBQ specialists would be happy to share their knowledge with you.