When it comes to deciding on an outdoor furniture set up, poly furniture is very hard to beat. From durability, to comfort and long-lasting quality, there are many reasons to choose poly furniture for your outdoor living space. Read on to learn more about poly furniture and why it is such a must-have in 2024.

Why Choose Poly Furniture?

Aside from the appealing looks of poly, there are also many other benefits.


You may have noticed, that traditional wood or plastic furniture placed outside, tends to deteriorate quickly over time. However, with poly furniture this is not the case. Our main brand, Berlin Gardens, is known for having high grade poly lumber, and stainless steel hardware, built into their furniture. It is extremely durable and can withstand being outside in the sun, rain, sleet, or snow. Poly furniture is also moisture resistant, which highly decreases any chances of mildew or mold forming. Therefore, no matter what type of weather you may have, poly furniture will stand true to the test of time and durability for years to come.

Poly Furniture close-up

Selective Styles & Designs

Having the option to customize how your outdoor furniture looks, is a major advantage. No one wants to waste time looking around for furniture that may or may not fit their appeal. Instead, choose your poly furniture type, and then customize your colors. With Berlin Gardens and Buckeye Poly (both available at Coalway), you can become the artist of your poly furniture. From natural, wood-like finishes to bright and tropical colors, you’ll have no problem finding a shade that fits with your style and theme. Many of these furniture pieces come in all different shapes in sizes. From dining tables and barstools, to swivel rockers and Adirondack chairs, the options for poly are endless. You can even decide to add cushions for your poly furniture to spice things up even more!

Poly Furniture Adirondack Chairs

Easy Maintenance 

Another huge benefit of having poly furniture on your porch, is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Really, the only maintenance needed is simple cleaning with soap and water when it gets dirty. Many pieces also have UV protective coating, so you should not need to worry about colors fading over time. For more tips on how to clean poly furniture, especially Berlin Gardens, read our other blog post.

Good for the Environment 

Did you know Berlin Gardens is manufactured using 95% recycled content? This saves landfills and makes the earth a cleaner place to live. Poly furniture is made out of recycled materials such as; milk jugs, and laundry detergent bottles. How cool is that! Even the manufacturing process, is environmentally friendly, producing minimal gas emissions.

Longevity & Savings 

Although poly furniture may seem slightly more expensive up front, it can save you years down the road. The reason for this, is because it can last for so many years and still maintain the same quality. When you go out and buy other types of outdoor furniture, they will get destroyed from the elements of nature, and need replaced way more often. Whereas, poly furniture will pay off in the long run. After the initial purchase, it is very likely that you will have to spend any money fixing the furniture or replacing it as the years go by. Invest in quality furniture, that will guarantee long lasting quality over time!

Free Assembly & Local Delivery

One last benefit of choosing Coalway to get your poly furniture, is the free product assembly and local delivery. Most furniture pieces come unassembled, resulting in you having to spend countless hours putting everything together. To get rid of that pain, we will put all of your poly furniture together for you, free of charge. We will then, deliver it to your front door for free if you are within a certain radius of our stores. Even if you aren’t, we can still do delivery if that is easier for you!

If you’re in the market for some new poly furniture come to Coalway! We have a beautiful show lot filled with many furniture choices for you to look through. Visit us at our Apple Creek location or Charm!