As the temperatures drop and the need for heat increases, we would like to remind you of the importance of practicing safe burning with wood, coal, pellet or gas burning appliances. The following safety tips are a few that we deem important. Remember, you are building a fire in your home, and no matter what unit you have, if it is not installed and used according to its user guide it is not guaranteed to be safe.

1. Confirm that your unit is installed properly according to your installation manual.

  • Your venting system should be tested and approved for your specific unit.
  • The required clearances must be sustained to combustibles.
  • Your hearth protector must be sized and approved for your unit.
  • Never install 2 units on 1 vent unless they are both gas appliances.

2. Maintain your unit and venting before every heating season.

  • Check all your bricks, firebox panels, and gaskets.
  • Sweep and inspect your vent annually. (It is recommended to have a professional do this)
  • On gas stoves check for gas leaks and make sure your logs are properly placed.
  • On a pellet stove check your safety switches and sensors.

3. Practice safe operation of your unit according to your user guide.

  • Burn only the fuel that is recommended for your unit.
  • Never leave a stove unattended with any doors open on the unit.
  • Never set anything combustible on top of a stove, even when it is off.
  • Install and maintain Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors in the vicinity of every appliance.

If you have any questions concerning the safety of your heating unit, please give us a call. If needed, we can send a technician out to inspect your situation. It is worth it to have peace of mind, knowing that your home and family is safe.