Nothing is cozier or more welcoming than fireplaces. The crackling of the fire, the smell, and the comforting warmth can make any indoor or outdoor space feel complete. There are so many styles and types to choose from though. How do you decide? Let’s break down the types and the styles that are timeless or trending.

Fireplace Types

Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplaces

RSF Opel 3 Wood Fireplace

Wood-burning Opel 3 Fireplace sold by Coalway in Apple Creek and Charm, Ohio

Wood-burning fireplaces are an efficient way to heat a home. Good brands and companies can build the furnace into your wall and give you custom options for your facing material. You can choose from heat duct systems, gravity heat kits, and more to provide any space with the desired heating capabilities and looks.

Renaissance luxury fireplaces, like the Linear 50, are the best options for those who want large flames that won’t release too much heat into a room. For those who want more heat, look into other kinds of wood burners like the Delta Fusion, which can heat upwards of 3.000 square feet.

For a mobile home approved fireplace, consider zero-clearance options like the FP16 which comes in an arch style or a flat style.

Looking for some of the most efficient selections with low emission yields? Consider the Opel 3 or the Z42 and Z42CD. With these styles, you can have peace knowing you’re burning at the highest level of efficiency to heat your space effectively but responsibly.


Alpha 36 Fireplace

Direct Vent Gas Alpha 36 Fireplace sold by Coalway in Apple Creek and Charm, Ohio.

These options can be a versatile addition to any home. There are endless looks available for a range of styles and heating capabilities (and it can be done with the push of a button.) Most gas and propane fireplaces will come with a thermostatic remote control, electronic ignition, and adjustable flames. These options can be great for those who aren’t looking to prioritize a heat source but the appearance instead. A luxury fireplace like the TC42 is great for those who want full flames without the added heat.

For a great energy-efficient model, check out the Alpha 36s gas fireplace. It has a 48,000 BTU/hr input on natural gas. The Algha 36s is also a direct vent system that can be placed almost anywhere because it allows air to flow around the fire bin when it is needed.

Many gas fireplace settings can be customized for your space, so enjoy exploring all your gas and propane fireplace options.

Styles of Fireplaces

Arched and Rustic Fireplaces

Cozy arched TC36 Fireplace sold by Coalway in Apple Creek and Charm, Ohio

If you’re looking for something historic or less simplistic than the typical modern styles, we’d highly recommend looking into arched and rustic fireplace designs.

If you’d like an indoor fireplace with stone, tile, or other traditional materials, you might like to pair it with the TC36 Arch Fireplace. It is a classic barrel arch face, which is quite similar in appearance to the fine period home Rumford-style hearths.

For an outdoor option, try Town & Country’s outdoor alternative to the TC42. This specific fireplace is made to be versatile in both traditional and modern settings.

Modern & See-Thru Fireplace

WS54ST Fireplace

Modern Sleek WS54ST Fireplace sold by Coalway in Apple Creek and Charm, Ohio.

Linear fireplace settings have been the latest trend. These tend to be more popular in a gas or propane fireplace and have a sleek, elegant look to them. The Slayton Series and Callaway Series come in various sizes and have that modern charm that is being sought after by many.

See-thru fireplaces have also become a trend for indoor and outdoor spaces, too. The WS54ST is a see-thru gas-burning option that is available for indoor and outdoor placement. It comes in beautiful firebox panel options to match your color scheme, and the full flames are protected by disappearing ceramic glass.

Be Unique with the HeliFire 360

HeliFire 360 Fireplace

Customizeable Single Long Luxurious Flame HeliFire 360 Fireplace sold by Coalway in Apple Creek and Charm, Ohio.

This more modern alternative to a fireplace is a statement piece. The long, single flame is elegant and offers a great source of warm light. Any building with a HeliFire 360 is bound to look sleek and charming. It has 360 in its name because you can install the frame at any angle, which means the design possibilities are endless.

Get Creative

No matter which type or style of fireplace you prefer, we hope we’ve inspired you and helped you discover the kind that you like the most. Now you can start thinking about materials and colors, so let the challenge become a fun project. Whether you are remodeling or building new, Coalway has experts that can help you get an idea of what unit, facing, and mantel fit you would like to have. Get an in-house consultation and quotes from their team to keep your project moving forward! Get creative and have fun.