New Grills Coming To Coalway

Staying up to date with new brands and accessories has been something we have tried to master over the last few years. With many great grills and smokers out there, our barbecue professionals are always researching new units to bring in. We are very excited to announce two new barbecue grills coming to Coalway; Kamado Joe, and Halo. Each of these companies are unique in their own way and offer many benefits.

The Kamado Joe is a ceramic style cooker/smoker very similar to the brand Big Green Egg. Kamado Joe has began to make a name for themselves as of late. With many different size options like Egg, Kamado Joe also offers included accessories with each grill. These accessories might include shelves, grill cart, wheels, 3-tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System, and more. Having some of these accessories included with the unit when you purchase it, is useful. Kamado Joe makes it easy to know what you need and including it with the specific grill you decide on. Carrying both the Big Green Egg in Northeast, Ohio along with the Kamado Joe, helps to bring our store a better variety. Our goal is to continue to grow and strive to be “the barbecue store” in the area. We plan to do this by carrying a selection of brands that offer different cooking benefits. The Kamado Joe grill is great and offers their own competitive edge. Look for these Kamado Joe grills in stores within the next few weeks; Classic Joe Series III, Classic Joe Series II, Big Joe Series II, Joe Jr.

Along with the Kamado Joe, we wanted to find a new flat top griddle. We came across the Halo, which can be compared to certain styles of the Camp Chef flat top grills. Halo as a company, was created in 2020, when two business partners, well-seasoned in the outdoor cooking industry, came together with a shared vision of creating innovative, high-quality products that would help people enjoy the great outdoors and cook delicious meals in the process. Based in the USA, Halo offers elite outdoor griddles that are convenient, versatile, and healthy cooking options. These griddles are available in four different sizes, making it easy to find the right one for your cooking needs. We will be bringing in the following Halo units to start; Elite 4B 4-Zone Griddle, Elite 3B 6-Zone Griddle, Elite 4B 8-Zone Griddle.

We will be adding these products to the website as soon as we have them available in stores!