Our Guide For Flat Top Grill Cooking

If you want to find an easy and innovative way to cook your meals, flat top grills are the way to go. This blog will help you better understand just why these are such amazing grills to use. A few things we’ll discuss will be; how to use them, tips for cooking, recommended units to get, all the benefits, and much more. Flat top grilling has became much more popular as of recently. This could be due to the great versatility these grills have. From burgers and steaks, to bacon and pancakes, you can cook just about anything on flat tops. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current grill, or just want something new to cook on, flat tops and griddles are your best bet.

Benefits of Flat Tops

To begin, there are many benefits that come with this type of grill. They are easy to use no matter your cooking experience. Flat top grills are also innovative, and allow for the cooking of all different types of food. Efficiency is another word that comes to mind, due to quick heat up times, and even cooking all around. This will allow for you to find the perfect temperature, before cooking or baking. Cleanup is also something that comes easier with flat tops. Most flat top grills are also in a better price range compared to other well known brands of grills. We have a few different brands of flat tops, and plan to get more in the future as popularity continues to increase.

Choosing The Right Size of Grill

When deciding on how big of a flat top grill to get, always consider how much food you plan on cooking, and what types of food. If your one to cook for large gatherings of family and friends, you should get a larger grill to allow for more space and efficiency. On the other hand, if you only grill a few times a week at best for yourself or a few others, go with a smaller unit.

You should also consider the BTU output which will tell you how fast the flat top grill will heat up and how even it can cook meals. Side burners, and other additional features should be accounted for as well before making a purchase.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill - cooking food

Seasoning and Cleaning Your Flat Top

Once you’ve got the right size of grill and you are ready to begin cooking, always make sure to clean and season it before beginning. This will prevent food and and other particles from sticking to the grill and causing a longer clean up down the road. It should be noted that there are seasonings and conditioners made for cleaning these types of grills. You can find those at Coalway, and these will help properly prepare and clean your grill. Aside from that, if you don’t own those, follow these couples of steps. To begin make sure the grilling surface is free of any dirt or dust that may be on it. Use any type of degreaser to remove any possible grease from the surface. Then apply a thin layer of oil over the entire flat top surface and take a paper towel or brush to wipe it around. Once finished, turn the grill on for 10-15 minutes on a medium temperature to allow for any last removal of moisture and ensure all even distribution of oil. After the time is up, you can turn off the grill and once cooled, wipe down the surface again with a paper towel or cloth ensuring all oil is removed. Now your flat top is ready for cooking!

It is recommended you do this process before you cook each time. Also if you are doing this for the first time, it may require multiple cleanings and repeated steps before being able to cook. Always make sure you scrape off any food remains after cooking with a metal spatula or scraper (Also as you cook, clean if possible). Regularly seasoning and cleaning your flat top will ensure long lasting years of quality cooking!

Best Grills on The Market (Available at Coalway)

Deciding on which flat top grill to get can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here. Our BBQ specialists have deep knowledge about each model and can help you decide on which unit to get. With many great flat top grills, here are just a few we recommend and why they are ideal for grilling.

HALO Elite 2B – If you’re in search of a smaller unit that is more portable, yet still effective, the HALO Elite 2B is a great choice. With 2 burners, 4 zones for cooking, and 480 square inches of grilling space, it is great for on-the-go, tailgates, or even camping. With a built in level and 360 degree wheeling casters, you can always make sure this flat top is level no matter where you may be cooking at. This grill also has a quick 10 minute heat up time and side shelves for storage. Price for this unit is $649.00.

HALO Elite 2B Griddle

Camp Chef Flat Top 600 – This unit has a heavy duty griddle top with 4 burners and the option of having a lid. The lid acts as another protective barrier as well as creates the perfect internal air temperature cheese melter for smashburgers. The even heating surface stays true to the burner temperature control knobs you set. Another nice thing about the FTG600 is that it already comes pre-seasoned and ready for cooking! Lastly, it has folding side shelves and even a 1 year warranty. Price with lid is $629.00, without lid is $549.99.

Camp Chef Flat Top 600

Camp Chef Flat Top 900 – Being very similar to the Flat Top 600, the 900 is a major upgrade and allows for more cooking space. Put out huge amounts of food in almost no time with this flat top unit. The 877 sq. inch cooking capacity makes the Flat Top Griddle ideal for large family gatherings, business parties, church cookouts, catering events, tailgating or cooking at home. This unit also includes shelves, a 1 year warranty, and comes pre-seasoned too. This unit starts out at $899.99.

Camp Chef Flat Top 900

Halo Elite 4B – With a total of 720 square inches for cooking, a dual zone burner system with 4 burners and 8 zones, this flat top is one of our most popular. There is an XL Rear Grease Management with built-in utensil clean off squeegee, allowing for a quick and easy clean up process. Built-in tool hooks for hanging your grilling tools and included bubble level and adjustable caster wheels make this flat top a great choice. Comes with durable lid which you can close during cooking. Starting out at $999.99, this is a go-to for flat top grilling.

HALO Elite 4B Griddle

These are just some of the many flat tops we have, and there are more on the way soon! We are your flat top grill headquarters and want to make sure you can take your grilling to the next level. With different options like these, we are sure you will find one that suits your needs. No matter which flat top you may land on, make sure to do plenty of research and find the right size of grill that has the ability to do what you need it to do.

Ideal Accessories For Flat Tops

When it comes to flat top grills, there are plenty of accessory options available. From scrapers and spatulas, to tongs and lids, accessories can only benefit your overall cooking experience. Here are a few we recommend and also carry in-stores.

Griddle Tool Set – Includes two spatulas to help you cook a variety of foods, a scraper and squeeze bottles for cleaning, and a cutting board for cutting and dicing.

Cast Iron Conditioner – Made of all natural oils, this conditioner creates a natural, easy release surface. Seasoning your cast iron will allow it to last for generations.

Cast Iron CleanerThis special blend of all-natural oils and cleaning agents breakdown sugars and other food particles. The natural oils will not damage the finish of your cast iron cookware, it’s safe to use on all seasoned and enamel pieces.

Camp Chef Outdoor Cooking Guide – This book is filled with over 150 recipes that will help you cook like a pro. Several award winning recipes are included.

Thermapen Classic Super-Fast – Exactly what you need to find those ideal internal temperatures of food in under 3 seconds!

We have a vast selection of cooking accessories at both our Coalway store locations. From seasonings and sauces to spatulas and tongs, come get the supplies you need for flat top grilling.

Flat Top Grills Are Taking Over

As discussed, flat top grills can be used in so many different ways to cook unique selections of foods. They are also fairly easy to store and won’t take up a large amount of space on your porch or wherever you may keep it. Choosing the right size of grill for you, and making sure to clean and season it properly will keep you and your grill quite happy throughout the years. Flat tops are just another great innovative way to cook meals for yourself and others. If you do decide you want to check out some flat top grills, make a trip over to Coalway or call us and ask any questions you may have. We would be more than happy to help you find the grill of your dreams. Stay tuned as we plan to also release another new brand of flat tops and pellet grills in the near future.

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