The Best Kozy Heat Fireplaces To Keep Your Home Warm

Best Fireplaces

One of the highest rated hearth and fireplace brands out there is Kozy Heat. We have carried their fireplaces for years, and there are reasons for that. Their gas and wood burning units are top of the line and will surely keep your home warm and “cozy” in no time. With many options for fireplaces, today we will discuss our most recommended units, and why we rely on them time and time again. To see any of these fireplaces up close or even in your own home, try our new Fireplace Visualizer! 

Alpha 36s Gas Fireplace

The Kozy Heat Alpha 36s is a clean-face gas fireplace, giving a more traditional look. By removing the conventional frame face that comes with it, you can get a better “wood-burning” appearance, and also have the benefit of enhancing the overall radiant heat and efficiency. This unit comes with a traditional log set, and has the selection between two facing options; arched, or rectangular. With the help of the “Komfort Kontrol remote”, in no time you will be controlling the temperature and strength of flames within the touch of a button. The Alpha 36s has a viewing area of 29.875” x 35.1875”.

The nice thing about this unit is that it is vent-free, meaning you can place it just about anywhere in your home (as long as there is flexible venting to the outside). The efficiency is another appealing benefit to the Alpha 36s. Its high efficiency is defined as 74.36% for natural gas and 76.38% for LP gas. Overall, the Alpha 36s makes a cost-effective and economical addition to any home.

Visit this link to see how the Alpha 36s gas fireplace looks while burning.

Bayport 36 Gas Fireplace

With a grand viewing area of 23.75″ x 29.25″, the Bayport 36 can pump out 26,500 BTUs/hr (Natural Gas). This is a direct-vent gas fireplace that comes in either a log set, birch log set, or glass media set. Not only does it offer an impressive viewing window, but the Bayport 36 also comes with some of the most realistic looking logs and burner system yet. This unit is energy-efficient, straight forward to install, and easy to operate, providing an exceptional level of heat output. The Bayport 36 is a great investment that will give years of good service.

Visit this link to see how the Bayport 36 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Bayport 41 Gas Fireplace

The Bayport 41 is just like the 36, only larger and more powerful. It is a direct vent gas fireplace that comes in either a log set, birch log set, or glass media set. This unit can do 30,000 BTU/hr (Natural Gas), and has an appealing viewing area of 34.4375″ x 26.375″. Since this unit is direct vent, it will not require a chimney or even an existing fireplace to be installed. The Bayport 41 can be fitted almost anywhere in the home, and is an excellent option to heat your home.

Visit this link to see how the Bayport 41 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Bellingham 44 Gas Fireplace

Introducing the Bellingham 44 gas fireplace. This special unit has a landscape design, working great for living areas with TVs above the fireplace. The viewing area on this fireplace is 44.4375” x 24.875″, and it is also direct-vent. A horizontal gas burning fireplace like this one, is seen commonly in many homes. The wide window and realistic burner, create the perfect appearance for your living space. The Bellingham 44 has a whopping 49,500 high for BTUs an hour input (Natural Gas).

This gas fireplace comes with different options for refractory panels. To list a couple; Black Glass, Chicago, Ledgestone, and Herringbone. These panels will create the background appearance, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the fireplace. With many log sets to choose from as well, we are sure you will find one you like. If you’re looking for a wider looking gas fireplace, with great efficiency, and stunning looks, choose the Bellingham 44.

Visit this link to see how the Bellingham 44 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Bellingham 52 Gas Fireplace

A slight upgrade from the Bellingham 44, this unit also has a landscape design, which offers an awe-inspiring option for your home. With a beautiful viewing area of 52.4375” x 30.875”, this gas fireplace an do a high of 59,500 BTU/hr (Natural Gas). With those type of numbers, you will be quite pleased with the amount of heat being put out into your living quarters.

Being a landscape design, the Bellingham 52 is visually appealing and great for a sleek modern look. Like the other horizontal units we discussed earlier, this fireplace also works great with a TV above it, or even some decorations. If your in the market for a powerful, landscape-designed gas fireplace that will certainly keep you and your family warm, choose the Bellingham 52!

Visit this link to see how the Bellingham 52 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Carlton 39 Gas Fireplace 

Here is a traditional gas fireplace that offers excellent energy efficiency. The Carlton 39 is a direct vent fireplace featuring a beautiful 26.125” x 32.4375” viewing area. Displaying a square facing look, this unit comes with many different screen front options. Here are some of the screen fronts to choose from; Prairie Full Door, Rectangular, Antique Copper, Brushed Nickel, Mission Screen Front, Bronze, and more! Along with this, the Carlton has amazing interior panel options that make it look even better.

This unit features a 40,000 BTU an hour input (Natural Gas) which leads to a solid 70% efficiency rate. Overall, the Carlton 39 makes a cost-effective and economical addition to any home.

Visit this link to see how the Carlton 39 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Carlton 46 Gas Fireplace

A larger unit the Carlton 39 we just mentioned, the Carlton 46 gas fireplace has more features and is seen as an upgrade to the 39. Having a grander viewing area of 27.50” x 39.4375” and higher BTU input per hour (45,000), this fireplace unit will do just fine maintaining warmth. It is direct vent as well, and comes with a traditional log set. There are some other options as far as the appearance goes. You can choose from a variety of screen fronts and interior panels. One of the real design advantages of this choice is the front screen – available with a standard arched or optional rectangular format, it is generously proportioned for maximum viewing pleasure.

The Carlton 46 is a popular choice many people lean towards when choosing a fireplace. It is big, high-efficient, and perfect to put just about anywhere in your home.

Visit this link to see how the Carlton 46 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Callaway 50 Gas Fireplace 

The Callaway 50 is another fireplace similar to the Bellingham, due to its modern horizontal appearance. These units always look the best with a nice display above the fireplace, or even a flat screen TV. Sizing at 13.375” x 49.875”, the Callaway 50 is stunning. This unit has many styling options from selective screen fronts, to radiant interiors. With a 35,000 BTU an hour input (Natural Gas), and being direct vent, this fireplace is one we tend to install quite a lot.

When you first look at the Callaway 50, it appears slim and sleek. This is an appealing style that fits many homes, and helps keep everybody warm. Choose the Callaway 50 if you’re looking for a more lengthy, modern, gas fireplace. We promise you will not regret it.

Kozy Heat Callaway 50 Gas Fireplaces

Visit this link to see how the Callaway 50 gas fireplace looks while burning.

Albany Wood Fireplace 

Finally time to introduce a wood burning unit from Kozy Heat. Let’s discuss one of the highest rated wood burning fireplaces on the market, the Albany wood fireplace. Being zero-clearance, and having a large burning area, this unit can fit up to 22″ logs. This unit also has a few different facing options to choose from. These include; The Harlequin, Keystone, and Mission. All with subtle, but significant differences, you can decide on what you like best.

You won’t have any trouble staying warm with this wood fireplace. The efficiency rating is 73.32%, guaranteeing  quality heat over a long period of time. The Albany is an ideal choice if you are in the market for a wood burner.

Kozy Heat Albany Wood Fireplaces

Visit this link to see how the Albany wood fireplace looks while burning.

These are just some of our top recommended fireplaces from Kozy Heat. You can see most of them are gas, with the Albany being one of their only wood burning fireplaces. We hope some of these recommended fireplaces from Kozy Heat help you out in your hearth journey or wherever you may be. If you need a better idea on what each unit may look like or you’re just looking for more information, you should visit us in person. Our hearth professionals look forward to helping people like you, decide on a fireplace based on many factors. Once you’ve decided which unit you want, we can set up an appointment to install the fireplace, and even service it in the future years. In no time, you’ll be kicked back on your sofa, enjoying a warm and cozy fire.