Featuring Eberly Fireplace. Photo by: Style Life Photography

Custom Cozy Fireplace Setting

On those days when it feels like the whole world is possibly going crazy around you, plus winter is coming in with a blustery gust of icy wind and snow, sometimes it feels like we just have to get away from reality for a little while. The best therapy can be finding a room with a blazing fire roaring in the cozy fireplace and burrowing up for a weekend with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. If you are lucky, this room may be in a cabin in a pine forest, maybe even at the edge of a freshwater lake!

We can’t help you with the cabin in the woods or by the lake, but what we can do is help you turn your existing room into such a hotspot by adding the fireplace of your dreams. Whether you want the crackling atmosphere of an authentic open wood-burning fireplace or the convenience of pushing a button on the remote control to ignite a very real looking gas fireplace, we can create a custom setting that will transform your whole room, and give you that much-needed getaway. Our team of friendly experts can walk you through the design process for your new centerpiece. After designing it to your exact taste, our team moves in and builds the fireplace in your room. We try to keep this step as low impact as possible for your home, always mindful of your floors and furniture. Any trash we produce goes home with us, and we think you will find the crew to be very professional. Our goal is to leave the fireplace, with your desired front, facing, mantel, and hearth, as well as a roaring fire blazing in it, as the only evidence that Coalway was there.

When the holidays come around, what is a better way to celebrate than in your own little safe place with a cozy fire and surrounded by the people you love! Let’s help make your holidays a warm celebration and you can begin by visiting our Fireplace page.