9 Amazing Heating Options For You

We know it’s still Summer, and you most likely aren’t thinking about the cold. But… it is a good idea to consider how you plan to stay warm once the cold arrives.

Whether we like it or not, the warm days in Ohio always come to end. Leaves begin changing, and the temperatures begin to drop as Fall arrives.

Make sure by this time, you have a reliable heating option set up in your home. And if you don’t, no worries… that’s why we’re here.

Let’s get into some of the best heating options for you. From furnaces and fireplaces to stoves and inserts, we are confident one of these will fit your needs!

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These units are not in order by best to worst, they are all solid units that serve different purposes! 

1. DS Stoves EnergyMax 160 Gas Furnace

DS Stoves EnergyMax 160 Furnace







The EnergyMax 160 furnace by DS Stoves is designed to heat your entire home!

Made to be placed in the basement, it can also be set up in a garage, shop, or even a greenhouse.

Burning at a solid 85% efficiency, this furnace has a really clean burn for wood and coal.


2. DS Stoves Kozy King Furnace

DS Stoves Kozy King Furnace







If you’re looking for a furnace that heat thousands of square feet, look no further.

DS Stoves Kozy King Furnace has a 3-speed blower and a special safety feature to prevent overheating.

Made in the USA with an 85.1% efficiency rate, this furnace is perfect for heating homes, garages, shops, and much more!

Being thermostat controlled, you can expect consistent, even temperature.


3. Pacific Energy Summit LE Wood Stove

Pacific Energy Summit LE Wood Stove







Nothing compares to a hot wood-burning stove when it’s cold outside. Wood stoves are still an ideal option even in 2023.

Introducing the Pacific Energy Summit LE Wood Stove. This highly efficient woodstove, is meant for medium to large spaces during cold winter nights.

With the Airwash Technology, the glass will always stay clear for better viewing. You can also choose to either have legs or a pedestal on the bottom!


4. Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 LE Wood Stove

Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 LE Wood Stove







The largest Alderlea woodstove, the T6 LE is the solution for keeping large spaces warm and comfortable.

This wood burner is crafted for maximum heating capacity, with Extended Burn Technology (EBT) for all-night burn times, and features a family-sized cooktop and a huge glass window.

Like all Pacific Energy woodstoves the T6 LE is engineered and warrantied for a lifetime of wood heat comfort.


5. Kozy Heat Bayport 41 Gas Fireplace

Kozy Heat Bayport 41 Gas Fireplace







The Bayport 41 is a great investment that will give years of good service.

Not only does this direct vent gas fireplace benefit from excellent energy efficiency, it also comes with many additional features that make it easy to use and extremely convenient.

A remote control enables users to set the temperature as they wish, ensuring a comfortable ambiance at any time. Further features include a choice of refractory linings, many different decorative fronts, a fan kit features that will enable you to customize your fire as you wish.


6. Kozy Heat Carlton 39 Gas Fireplace

Kozy Heat Carlton 39 Gas Fireplace







Kozy Heat’s Carlton 39 is a direct vent gas fireplace with a traditional log set.

Because this gas fireplace is a direct vent model, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home; with flexible venting connecting it to the outside world, air is allowed to flow around the fire bin when necessary.

Other features of the Carlton 39 include high-low regulator, an engineer-designed burner system, and an electronic ignition.

Overall, the Carlton 39 makes a cost-effective and economical addition to any home.


7. Kozy Heat Albany Wood Fireplace


Kozy Heat Albany Wood Fireplace







For a wood-fired hearth that’s a ‘home anywhere’, look no further than Kozy Heat’s wood-burning EPA Certified fireplaces.

The Albany is the latest model to be released in the Kozy Heat wood fireplace line-up.

The Albany’s impressive 1.22 grams per hour emissions, competitive pricing and eye-catching arched design are sure to get your attention.


8. Enviro Berkeley Gas Stove

Enviro Berkeley Gas Stove







The Berkeley has an impressive efficiency rating, due in part to the innovative heat exchanger design.

An ultra high definition 9 piece ceramic log set gives the Berkeley a natural looking burn with a beautiful glow.

The Enviro Berkeley uses a high quality cast iron construction. Available in both painted black and enameled antique chestnut.

The beautiful burn of the Berkeley is visible on 3 sides with a total glass area of 724 in2.


9. Enviro E33 Gas Fireplace Insert

Enviro E33 Gas Fireplace Insert







The Enviro E33 Gas Fireplace Insert is packed with the latest features for clean, long-lasting flames and ease of operation.

With no louvers, this model comes with very realistic faux logs and a large viewing glass. Its smaller dimensions and clean lines makes for ease of installation.


We carry all of these brands and units. Whether it’s gas or wood burning, stove or fireplace… we are confident you will find the perfect heating option at Coalway.

These are just a few of the many different units and brands we have on deck. If you need help finding your next stove or fireplace before winter gets here please contact us!

We are happy to help and walk you through the process from start to finish.