10 Fireplace Décor Ideas For Fall 

Welcome the early Fall season indoors, by styling your fireplace mantel and hearth!

There is really nothing that can compare to sitting next to a warm fire during a crisp autumn evening. To make your home feel even cozier, add some style and autumn accessories to your fireplace.

Most of these are DIY projects, but some items can simply be purchased a local stores. Let’s jump into some different decorating ideas for your fireplace setting this Fall.

(Please be careful with any decorations placed near a burning fireplace, as they are considered a fire hazard.)

Picture via Ultra Comfort


1. Classic Plaid Look 

Picture via DigsDigs

For a nice plaid look, simply get some cloth and cut as needed. We recommend getting any old inexpensive glass vases or containers, and wrapping the plaid fabric around it.

Set these up on the mantel along with a collection of pumpkins of your choice. These pumpkins can be small, big, orange, white, whatever you prefer.

Surround the pumpkins and plaid vases with branches and leaves to really give that Fall look. Add any signs or pillows as needed around fireplace to really make it cozy!

2. Make It Rustic

Photo via Courtney of French Country Cottage

Metals like brass an copper are great to use for this look of rustic. Styled together with the deep colors of fall leaves and pumpkins.

Put candles in different spots on the mantel and hearth to create good light and add some movement to the rustic display.

3. Add A Wreath 

Photo via MFN

Hanging a large fall-themed wreath above your fireplace is a great way to make a statement and an easy way to decorate your room this fall season.

We suggest also adding some small vases, bottles, pumpkins, and other decorations on top of the mantel to create a good scale and finish off the look.

Some plants, flowers, leaves also help bring everything together.

4. Pile On The Candles 

Photo via Fashionable Hostess

Stack your fireplace up with candles for a cozy-fall look. Depending upon the color of your facing on the fireplace, and mantel, try to either match or contrast.

Candles help elevate the look and lighting in the room. They also create a sense of comfort and protection.

5. Pumpkins Galore 

Photo via A Beautiful Mess

Fall is very well known for pumpkins being displayed all around. So why not add a bunch for decoration around your fireplace?

Choose different sized pumpkins and spread them around on the mantel and floor near the fireplace. Aim to get fake pumpkins, that way they can last forever and be re-used the next year if you would like.

Another advantage of decorating your fireplace with pumpkins, is that since the season goes from September to Thanksgiving, you will have plenty of time to keep them up for show!

6. Artwork Focus 

Photo via Van Chaplin

Instead of trying to find certain fall aesthetics like leaves, pumpkins, wreaths, etc… focus on a piece of art as the centerpiece.

Art will enhance the calmness of the fireplace and room, and also make your fireplace appear more elegantly.

If you’re able to, get an art piece that gives off the feeling and vibe of fall time. Examples are cornfields, farmhouses, trees, etc.

Throw in a few neutral colored pumpkins to go with the art, and you’re all set!

7. Country Farmhouse Theme 

Photo via Edmund Barr

Let farmhouse style inspire your decorations for your fall fireplace setting.

Bring in some white wood, dry colors, maybe a few pumpkins and candles.

8. Bring In Some Nature

Photo via Michael Partenio

When planning décor for the fall, it doesn’t always have to be the basics.

Add a few pitchers filled with flowers, greenery, twigs, or even colorful leaves.

Optional… but add a piece of artwork (only fall-themed) above the mantel in the center.

9. Holiday Aesthetic 

Show off your love for the holidays by decorating accordingly.

Most people either decorate in the fall time for Halloween, or Thanksgiving.

Use either of these holidays to your advantage, and stylize your mantel and fireplace to match!

For Thanksgiving… add some oranges, reds, and greens. Maybe throw in a few candles and pots with orange and greens flowers/leaves in them.

Add some leaves throughout the whole display and go the extra mile and buy some signage like what is shown here to put on the mantel!

10. Light It Up

Photo via 2 Ladies & A Chair

Lastly, add some beautiful lights to go around your fireplace mantel. This will create great ambience and bring life to the fireplace.

Having an additional mirror like this one, is also a great look.

Add some fake plants, and pumpkins accordingly and boom it’s that easy.