Best Cooking Techniques on Big Green Egg


The one thing you should know about Big Green Egg, is how versatile they are. In fact, this is one of the very reasons that these kamado grills are so popular and useful. Once you become familiar with the many different ways of cooking on an Egg, you will soon find it easy and fun. From small dishes, to entire meals for the family, Big Green Egg allows you to cook with your own style. Here are some of the ways you can accomplish the best cooking techniques on the Egg.

Direct Grilling

When grilling direct on the Big Green Egg, the food is placed on the grill directly over the flame and heat. This methods allows for quick and easy cooking. Direct grilling is great for steak, burgers, chicken, vegetables, and more. Generally, foods that are tender, less than two inches thick and boneless are good candidates for direct grilling.

Direct cooking sears the exterior of the food, while allowing the inside to still be juicy and flavorful. Also, because of the lid on the Egg, flare ups and hot spots are not to be worried about.

Wood-burning Fireplace

Indirect Grilling, Roasting and Rotisserie

Deciding to cook indirect or roasting, is also great depending upon what you are cooking. Indirect cooking just means you are not placing your food directly over the flame. Instead, you will use a ConvEGGtor or Drip Pan to beneath the food to deflect the heat. Food is cooked by the convection process which radiates surrounding heat from the coals, side walls and dome of the EGG … there’s no need for a separate rotisserie device because meats are naturally juicier when slow roasted in the EGG.


Cooking slowly over low temperatures is another useful method and is considered “smoking”. This means you are not rushing the cook, and instead taking your time. Some call this real barbecue. Cooking “low and slow” breaks down connective tissue and tenderizes tough (and typically less expensive) cuts of meat like beef brisket, pork shoulder and spare ribs. For these types of cooks, cooking times are measured in hours, rather than minutes. But the result is fall-off-the-bone tenderness, packed with flavor and juice. Suggested smoking temperatures range from 225°F/107°C to 275°F/135°C. An EGG can retain heat at precise temperatures for many hours of cooking with little attention required.

Wood-burning Fireplace

Cook Using Any of These Methods

Deciding on which way to cook on your Big Green Egg could depend on a couple of things. What type of food are you preparing to make, how many, or also how much time do you have? Questions like these should be thought about before choosing how you’ll grill on the Egg. If you’re looking for a normal and quick way to have your food made, then just do direct. You can also choose to do indirect and even low and slow smoking over time to create more flavor and tenderness. No matter which way you choose, the Big Green Egg will make your food turn out fantastic and your friends and family will love it!