What does it take to become a contestant at Egged Up Competition? There is only one way, that is by battling your way through the Egged Up Qualifier held at the Wayne County Eggfest, or at the Holmes County Eggfest. If you receive first or second place at one of these two Qualifiers, you will receive an invitation to participate at Egged Up. You can sign up to compete at both Eggfests to improve your chances. The first and second place winners from last year’s Egged Up Competition are also invited back. That makes 6 teams total, of which the Champion receives a Mini Max Big Green Egg! Follow the link at the bottom of this page to to sign up for the Wayne or Holmes County Eggfest.

In case you are wondering what the Egged Up! Competition consists of, it is an amateur Big Green Egg cooking competition, held in conjunction with the Berlin Harvest Festival and Rib Cook-Off, and hosted by Coalway. Last year’s event, held on September 8th, consisted of 6 teams, and had an amazing lineup of dishes. The dishes were judged by a panel of 3 judges, for appearance, taste, and texture. The entries included beef tenderloin, brisket tacos, pork tenderloin, pecan pie, and lava cakes. After the teams presented their dishes to the judges, they set out their leftovers for the public to sample.

Following is a tentative schedule for the 2020 event, projected for September 12, 2020.

  • Meat judging at 12 pm (samples available!)
  • Dessert judging at 2 pm (samples available!)
  • Sign up for a chance to be a judge for the dessert competition! At 1:30 pm we will draw the names of 3 people to judge the desserts
  • Sign up to WIN a Big Green Egg!
  • Drawing held at 4 pm at Coalway area, in the church parking lot.
  • Must be present to sign up, but not to win.
  • See you at the 2020 Berlin Harvest Fest and Rib Cook-Off

(Open to public spectators, for sampling, giveaways and more)

 2019 Egged Up! Competition

Congratulations to Johnny and Catie Yoder on sweeping the 2019 event, winning both the Entrée Dish and the Dessert Category. Their winning Entrée consisted of a Wagyu Ribeye Cap steak with a Squash & Scallop Purée on the side. Dessert was a Maple Creme Brulée with an extra creative twist. They are sure to get plenty of use out of the Mini Max Egg they took home for winning the Entrée Category, as well as the Coalway Gift Card for winning the Dessert Category.

Sign up to compete at the Egged Up Qualifier competition, held at the following events.

Wayne County Eggfest and BBQ Showcase

Holmes County Eggfest and BBQ Showcase